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08/04/2013 09:30

Papers: Neville's City warning

Ian Herbert writes in The Independent...

City won't win anything without kids
Explanations for the 15-point gap between the two Manchester teams grow more elaborate by the day, with Roberto Mancini even suggesting, as his City side prepare for the Old Trafford match that could all-but confirm their dethroning as champions tonight, that the mediocre teams have simply been too timid against Manchester United, in the last eight months. The lack of self-scrutiny is remarkable from a manager who seems only to believe that all would be well had his club not failed him in last summer’s transfer market. Though reinforcements are needed this summer to deliver the width and counter-attacking pace which has been lacking in City and present in United, Gary Neville wonders why City do not simply look at the faith Sir Alex Ferguson has invested in young players and display the same themselves. “I don’t know why they’ve not created a player in the last five years when Manchester City have won the [FA] Youth Cup and been in the latter stages of that competition,” Neville told The Independent. “I’ve seen players in their youth team when they’ve beaten United. You’ve got to create the pathway and at the moment I don’t see that pathway at City, whether the players are good enough or not.”

As you can imagine, the papers are littered with Manchester derby content, including Sir Alex's assertion that Robin van Persie was "never going to City". The Sun report the manager's quotes from his press conference last Friday: "Robin's been fantastic for us, a really good footballer. We needed a bit of maturity up front and he's been terrific."

The club's announcement overnight that it has signed an eight-year extension with commerical partner Aon (which includes renaming the training gound the Aon Training Complex) has also attracted plenty of column inches, including presence on the front page of the Financial Times.

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