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22/04/2013 11:15

Papers: Reds hungrier

Sam Wallace writes in The Guardian...

My players' attitude has handed United the title
Roberto Mancini has questioned the attitude of his Manchester City players, wondering whether it has been the equal of their Manchester United counterparts as his club prepared to hand over the Premier League title to their cross-town rivals. City's 3-1 defeat at White Hart Lane by a Tottenham Hotspur team that made a dramatic statement about their Champions League credentials meant that United will secure their 20th league championship with a home win over Aston Villa on Monday night... Mancini was left to reflect on his players' desire, which he suggested had to be the problem as there was nothing to choose between them and United in technical terms. "We don't have a gap [to United]," said Mancini, the City manager. "The last two or three years … every time we have played United, we have played better, also when we have lost the game. We lost in the last minute [earlier in the season]. Last year we beat them easily. The reason there is a gap like today [in the league] … probably there is more attitude, they wanted. They started the season and they wanted to win after last year. There are many reasons why we lose but I repeat, they deserve to win it."

Other stories in the papers largely come from the embargoed parts of Sir Alex Ferguson's press conferences on Friday. For example, the boss challenging "his players to close out the Premier League title race in style by setting a new points record." ('Give me a record', The Mirror). Also, there's the story we published on ManUtd.com late last night, regarding the manager's wish for Rio Ferdinand to sign a new contract ('Rio to seal new Reds deal', Daily Star). 

The Mirror also refers to Tom Cleverley achieving "the best win rate in the Premier League" after helping United to win 26 of the 30 league matches he's played in.

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