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08/02/2013 08:53

Papers: No Rio return

Martin Lipton writes in The Mirror...

Ferdinand recall ruled out by Hodgson
Rio Ferdinand has been consigned to England history, with Roy Hodgson telling the Manchester United man there is no way back for him. England's central defensive struggles during the terrific win over Brazil brought the subject of Ferdinand back into focus after the Old Trafford defender said he would "pack his bags at once" if he got a call to arms. But while Hodgson insisted Frank Lampard is still a huge part of his 2014 World Cup thoughts, the England manager made it clear Ferdinand – a five months younger than Lampard - will not add to his 81 caps. “I'm not going to talk about Rio,” said a terse and tetchy Hodgson. “I don't want to talk about him. People can write what they want to write. I can't be fairer than I've been. We've just beaten Brazil. I'm not prepared to talk about people who aren't here when we've just beaten Brazil. It seems to me that every other day I have to answer questions about Rio. I'm not prepared, every time we play a game, to keep revisiting something I've visited every single press conference for the last 10 months.”

The Daily Star claims Frank Lampard is interested in a move to United if he is not offered a new contract at Chelsea. The England midfielder, whose current deal expires at the end of the season, has been the subject of intense media speculation for several months and has been linked with moves to several months. Of course, Sir Alex has long been an admirer of his talents.

Elsewhere, The Guardian reports Premier League clubs will be docked points if they fail to comply with new financial control measures designed to curb rampant wage inflation and stem losses when their new £5.5bn TV deal kicks in next season.

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