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05/07/2013 07:46

Papers: Ryan and Phil's first day

Ian Ladyman writes in the Daily Mail...

What happened Giggs and Neville's first day
Shortly before 10am yesterday [Thursday], Phil Neville appeared from a changing room at Manchester United’s training ground armed with a bunch of plastic cones. His first job back at the club that schooled him for 15 years was to set up some running drills for a first-team squad he once graced with distinction. It was a pretty menial task but Neville — as grounded as they come — wouldn’t have minded. Everyone has to start somewhere, and for the former United and England full back, his coaching career began yesterday in the most familiar surroundings. Now 36, Neville never quite reached the heights of his brother Gary as a player. Nor, though, did he have any of his sibling’s rough edges. As such, Neville Jnr will be a popular conduit between new United manager David Moyes and his players. [Ryan Giggs] is still playing, of course, but he has been handed a player-coach role at Old Trafford as the natural progression and succession promised by former manager Sir Alex Ferguson last year continues to materialise. Yesterday, Giggs was on the playing side of the white line as Neville and fellow United coaches Steve Round and Jimmy Lumsden put United’s players through a double session of running ahead of what will be a testing pre-season programme.

Elsewhere, former Reds manager Sir Alex Ferguson - now a club director and ambassador at Old Trafford - has been dishing out advice to British Wimbledon hope and fellow Scot Andy Murray. The tennis star said: "I spoke to him for 15 or 20 minutes. We spoke about a lot of things – his retirement, we spoke a lot about football and then at the end I spoke to him, not so much about the match, but about everything that goes with it. He was just giving me advice on how to handle certain pressures and expectations, those sort of things. Getting that sort of advice from someone like him is gold dust. I'm not going to be sharing too much of it."

The Guardian claims that 'Sir Alex is contemplating staying away from David Moyes' first run of matches at United out of concerns his presence may undermine his successor'.

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