11/03/2013 14:35, Report by B Hibbs & N Coppack
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Nani inspired by Giggs

Nani spoke to United Review before the FA Cup clash with Chelsea and discussed his admiration for Ryan Giggs, his chances of playing till he's 40 and his favourite Reds goal... 

On a personal note, it’s fair to say your season’s been a little frustrating. It must be easier when you play more often?
Sure. If you play a lot of games you can play yourself into form and that’s ideal. When you’re in and out, which is natural at this club, it’s more difficult. In those periods you have to treat training sessions like they are matches and work especially hard every day. Then, when you get an opportunity, hopefully your performance levels are high. This is a scenario that affects a lot of players, not just me. We have two or three players in every position and the manager rotates his side. The key is that everybody works hard and they’re ready to help the team when they are picked.

Ryan Giggs has signed another deal. How was that news received in the dressing room?
It’s good news for him, for the club and the players. He has so much experience and can give a lot to the club. He’s still amazing on the pitch so it’s very good news. It’s been amazing being at the club with him and I’ve learned a lot. He brings a lot of experience to the training pitch and onto the field and he helps a lot of the young lads. It’s nice to know he’ll be around for at least another year.

Will you still be playing at 40?
I don’t know! If I can, I hope so. Giggsy looks after himself very well and that’s important for a long career. He’s an example to everybody. To play until you’re 40 you have to take very good care of yourself. I’ll try my best to do that.

Fans’ questions…

At what age did you know you wanted to be a footballer? Vince Viraj
I wanted to be a professional since the age of about nine years old, just

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