"I’m excited because there is a lot more uncertainty about what’s going to happen next season than there ever has been before - next season is going to be a huge challenge for every club in their own way."

- Gary Neville

27/05/2013 08:31, Report by Gemma Thompson
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New era excites Neville

Club legend and ambassador Gary Neville speaks to ManUtd.com about United's future under David Moyes and how next season will be a big test for a lot of clubs in the Barclays Premier League…

Is this going to be one of the biggest pre-seasons we’ve known for a while because of Sir Alex's departure?
I think it will be a huge pre-season for the Premier League. A number of clubs will be wanting to start strongly. Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal… and Spurs will want to do everything they can to hold onto Bale and push forward themselves. So I think we will have one of the most interesting pre-seasons we’ve ever had and probably the most interesting start to a season that we’ll have ever had; there will be new managers at three of the top clubs (United, City, Chelsea) as a minimum.

Will there be extra motivation for our players to impress during pre-season because they are playing for a new manager?
Absolutely. They should see it as a new challenge and an important challenge. I know from speaking to other people in football that since Sir Alex announced his retirement other clubs have already been lifted by the fact he is no longer around. The players should see that as a slight on them and say ‘hang on, do you think we can’t go out on that pitch and perform without our manager?’ That is a challenge in itself and ultimately the players and David Moyes will need to respond to that. It won’t be a bed of roses – there will be ups and downs as there always is and there has been over the last 26 or so years. There will be pressure moments in the coming season when people will say ‘oh, it’s not the same.’ But it’s too easy to say that. Everybody is waiting to see how this post-Sir Alex Ferguson era is going to work. The club have had it before with Sir Matt but everyone here will stick together through it all and the fans will do the same.

Has the current squad been given the credit it deserves for winning the league?
When you’re at Manchester United and you’ve had a manager who has built four great teams – ’94, ’99, 2008 and you can now argue

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