15/05/2013 20:10, Report by Adam Marshall
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Q & A: Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson spoke on stage to Jim Rosenthal at the Player of the Year awards..

You've just seen a video montage from MUTV, how does that make you feel?
I think I'll be able to enjoy it now looking back. I think it's a different perspective looking back as, having managed the club for that length of time, I was always looking forward not back but now I can reflect on my career a bit more.

You've not finished yet - there's a game on Sunday..
Exactly. We've got to win the game on Sunday. West Brom will want to win their last home game but I don't want to lose my last game, that's for sure.

Did you want to go out as a winner?
It was an issue. When Cathy and I chatted about it at Christmas, at that time, we had a five-point lead. I thought we had a great chance and I said we really need to win something. With the disappointment last year, I couldn't take a second one. I was hopeful we would win it and we did and then, in March, I let the club know. 

You've managed to win the league at a canter..
I don't think it was a canter but I think we had a terrific points lead. The problem when you've got the lead is when you start to lose a point or two, we lost to City on the Monday night for instance, and you start saying: 'Christ, we can't throw this away'. Fortunately, the next week, we played at Stoke and were terrific and then we went down to West Ham, their crew, and we had to battle in these games. I thought then we'd be okay.

Was it hard to keep your decision to retire under wraps?
I mean sometimes I was sitting with my family and you forget you're actually going to retire and talk about next year. You're afraid you're going to blurt something else but I didn't tell my sons until the end of March, well Jason knew earlier as he works a lot with me. I only told my brother the night

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