05/08/2011 21:30, Report by Adam Marshall
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Thanks for the memories

"I didn't need anyone to tee me up and I had a couple more chances and maybe should've scored two or three. It wasn't to be but I'm really happy with the goal.

"I hate taking penalties, it's just something I've not been comfortable with since probably missing against Arsenal all that time ago. I've never fancied doing them and Wayne [Rooney] is going to need some practice before the start of the season so it was good for him and a great penalty."

The future still looks bright for United with several youth-teamers ready to progress into the squad this term.

"This club and manager have always treated youth as a major part of it," he added. "We got our chance when we were young. If you're good enough, he'll definitely give you a chance.

"We've got a great youth team who went on to win the Youth Cup so, this year, you'll see four or five break through."

And a final word from the understated genius? "I'm just glad it's all over, to be honest." You won't find any United fan echoing that sentiment.

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