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: Ben Amos
Born: Macclesfield, 10 April, 1990
Position: Goalkeeper
Joined United: July 2006
16/01/2007 08:59, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Introducing... Ben Amos

thinking I was still in my midfield days! But I got tackled and they scored. Gutted. You have to be resilient as a keeper because mistakes happen. You have to learn and not let it happen again.
Favourite other sports: I’m a bit of an all-round sportsperson. I like any sport; tennis, table tennis, basketball… everything. I’m just getting into golf, although I am actually dreadful. Whenever I went on holidays with my parents as a kid, we always had to go somewhere with loads of sports activities just to keep me happy. My mum and dad always had to fork out for a decent hotel, so they probably weren’t too happy about that.
Films: Anchorman. Will Ferrell is a legend.
Music: All footballers like dance and R’n’B, so you get dragged in with the crowd. I like most music. On my iPod I’ve got anything from R’n’B to Coldplay. I don’t like opera, and I’m not a big fan of rock. Although, I do like some 80s stuff, like stadium rock.
TV: Futurama..
Best trainer: Magnus Eikrem is up there, we’re always out training. He works on shooting or crossing with me to improve shot-stopping or coming for crosses.
Worst: [Smiles] Febian Brandy is a bit on and off. It depends whether he fancies it or not! His socks are normally down by his ankles or his shin-pads are hanging off.
Team joker: Jimmy Derbyshire always plays pranks. I opened my locker one day and my trainers were in an ice bag full of water.
Best and worst dressed: Jimmy is the worst. The best, apart from myself, of course… maybe Daniel Galbraith.

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