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Academy FAQs

How do I get a trial for Manchester United?
We do not hold open trials, trials are by invitation only. Our scouting operation works so that before any boy comes to our club, he will have been initially assessed by one of our scouts. Premier League regulations severely restrict the number of boys whom we can coach at each age group. Consequently it is not easy to obtain a place in our Academy. We have a network of scouts throughout the country who continually monitor young players. We hope that young players who aspire to become professional footballers will generally be involved with their Town or District team and/or a good Sunday team. It is by watching such games that our scouts become aware of the boys of outstanding potential. We receive regular reports on boys throughout the country. We shall do everything in our power to attempt to bring boys with high potential to our club for trials and assessment. You can be assured that boys playing at a good level of competitive football will be assessed by one of our regional scouts. 

Beware bogus emails:

Please be aware of bogus emails/websites offering trials with the Manchester United Academy. Manchester United Academy never send emails directly to players inviting them for trials and we certainly never ask players or their parents to make any sort of payments to enable their son to have a trial. You should never make any payments or bank transfers to websites supposedly offering trials with the Academy at Manchester United Football Club. 

Premier League regulations are as follows:
U9-U11 boys (based on the School year) are allowed to be registered at an Academy provided that they live within one hour travelling distance. We expect that, under the new rules on Youth Development this time may be stretched to 90 minutes. In both cases, because the best interest of the boy is always important, our welfare staff will be in regular discussion with the school of the boy to ensure that his educational progress is not being

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