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Academy FAQs

to enter our Academy should at least be involved with their Town team or be playing regularly in Junior football. Under the new rules we are now able to access boys who play Academy football. 

U9-U16 (Boys living outside Greater Manchester)
We have major problems accommodating schoolboys who live greater than 2 hours from our training ground. We believe that young players should have a freedom to choose any club. We shall always seek mechanisms whereby any boy, wherever he lives, gets an opportunity to come to our club, provided one of our scouts recommends him. There are three cases: 

1. We are now allowed to scout boys at U15 and U16 level registered in other Academies (under the new rules there are no Centres of Excellence and Clubs have Academies which are graded from category 1 (very elite) down to category 4, and provided they have not agreed to accept a Scholarship at their training club, would be eligible for a trial on completion of their current contract. Parents of such boys should be aware of these regulations. 

2. We are now allowed to scout boys at any age group but especially from U12 upwards. 

3. From the start of the season 2014-2015 we will able to register boys from U12 upwards.The travel restrictions will not apply in many cases since we are obliged to house the boys around our training ground and provide them with full time education. It is termed the Full Time Training Module. How can I get a Scholarship for Manchester United's Academy? There are no Scholarship application forms. As explained above, before any boy comes to our Club he will have been assessed by one of our scouts. As such, we do not hold open trials. Scholarships are offered to young players based on their ability and potential as assessed by members of staff. We have to make an application for Scholarship places on an annual basis, many months before boys are ready to leave school or college. Most boys have already been signed by our Club on an Academy Registration form. 

How can I get into a professional club's Academy?
There is no easy route to becoming a footballer. It is extremely important that you develop skill. The first step is to get involved with a team playing in good quality competition or being registered with an Academy. For schoolboys, this would not only

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