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Academy FAQs

only mean being in the school team, but also representing teams in your Town, County, District, Country or being registered within an Academy. Good quality junior football is very helpful especially in regions where organised schools football is not available. Playing with other top quality boys can only help develop your potential. If you are aged 15-18, you need to be playing at the highest level of football within your age band and with other good quality players. 

What happens if I live outside England?
There are stringent Rules and Regulations set by the Premier League and FIFA for trials for boys born outside England. In summary, they are: 

1. The earliest time a boy can attend an Academy for assessment is at the start of his fifteenth year. We are obliged to include restrictions on suitability – that a boy can only trial if he is recommended by one of our scouts or contacts. If he is deemed suitable for assessment he still cannot register for an Academy unless he resides within 1½ hour of its base – even then the boy must not be moving into the area for that purpose i.e. it can only be for family and not football reasons e.g. maybe the parent(s) moves jobs / positions to enhance his/her career. 

2. If the boy is an EU/EEA citizen then he can sign as a Scholar aged 16, not before. 

3. If the boy is not an EU/EEA citizen then the earliest he can sign is aged 18 and even then it is dependent upon eligibility for a Work Permit. 

Our scouts attend international youth tournaments around the world. In this way we see players that may be of a suitable standard to join our Academy.

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