27/07/2011 13:22, Report by Adam Marshall

Coach pleased with squad

Paul McGuinness has explained that the Milk Cup is a vital part of the Academy side's pre-season.

The Reds have got off to a winning start by beating FC Zamora 4-0 and Co Tyrone 7-0 in Northern Ireland but the coach insists team-building is just as important at this stage of the players' development.

The first-year scholars have already gained experience of training with their older colleagues so the transition has been pretty smooth.

"Very much so," McGuinness replied when asked by MUTV about the need to integrate the new players into the squad to replace those who have been promoted to the Reserves.

"They trained quite regularly together last year as well so they all know each other. They've maybe played in teams before apart from one or two of the new boys so that's no problem.

"All the coaches below - Tommy Martin and Danny Keogh before are all working on the same lines of what we're trying to do so they fit easily into our team play."

The Reds' next fixture is against Hartlepool on Wednesday night.

"This tournament is also part of the pre-season work and so on and part of that is getting the group together," he added. "It's team-building so we have some little fun and games. It's about gelling the team together and having a bit of fun off the field as well."

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