"There was always that transition – when you’re doing well, the reward is to stay in that particular group. If you’re struggling or your performance is poor, you go back down to the level where you were."

- Brian McClair,

17/10/2012 14:42, Report by Adam Marshall
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McClair a fan of old system

“Paul McGuinness can plan his week because he knows there is a game on the Saturday but Warren was all over the place with planning and, even within that, sometimes fixtures can change at a week’s notice.

“One of the ideas is Warren can plan his whole week of work going towards the actual game. I think most of our Under-21 games are on a Monday night so he can plan things but we just don’t know how it’s going to transpire until you’ve gone through it.

“We had a festival at Carrington at the start of the season and we can always arrange them. We had Chelsea, Arsenal, Aston Villa and Tottenham here playing four 60 or 70-minute games as there was flexibility depending on the weather and the condition of the players.

“For me, those three days had a very, very good games programme. It was a great environment and I think the players and coaches really enjoyed themselves. If you can have that over 24 weekends, I think it’ll be ideal.”

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