"At the start, a lot of people believed in him and a lot of people didn't. I was a believer, to be honest. He was a visionary, he could see ahead, he knew things and he had this commitment to the youth policy."

- Wilf McGuinness

08/11/2011 15:42, Report by N Coppack

Wilf hails Sir Alex

There are only six men alive today who know what it’s like to manage Manchester United. And Wilf McGuinness, who sat in the hot seat for 87 games between June 1969 and December 1970, is one of them.

McGuinness is well aware of the demands that come with the position (he’s the first to tell you his hair loss was down to the stress of managing United), so can appreciate better than most just how incredible Sir Alex’s 25-year stint has been. recently caught up with Wilf at Old Trafford to pay tribute to the current Reds boss and share some of his memories of the last 25 years.

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