"If you sit back and think what he has achieved here, it is incredible. I meet him now – it’s over 20 years since I came to the club – and he has the same energy, he’s the same person and he puts the same effort in. It’s amazing. He’s the one person out of a billion."

– Peter Schmeichel on Sir Alex

08/05/2013 11:24
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The manager’s finest hour

"We just kept getting results like that because that was the mentality and still is. That’s what you have to do with Sir Alex. He wants you to carry on right until the end as the game is never finished until the referee blows the whistle."

Storming the Munich box
"I’m not necessarily going up there to score a goal. I’m going up there to create havoc. Everyone knows at a corner kick, 'I have to mark this fella' – and suddenly you have got another fella up there who is six-foot-four and nobody has been told to mark him. That creates a little bit of confusion and that’s what happened against Bayern Munich.

"There was confusion in a very well-organised defence. You can see how many mistakes they made in that move. They don’t clear the ball, it ends up with Ryan and they never pick Teddy up. If you look at that game and see how organised they were throughout, that’s the confusion you want to create and obviously the goals happened because they were shocked. They couldn’t get their minds back to what they were told in the team-talk. But that is typical of the teams that Sir Alex Ferguson creates."

But before that was Villa Park…
"Never in my life have I taken part in two better games than those two FA Cup semi-finals against Arsenal in 1999. So much drama, so much happening. The whole conclusion to that game with Ryan’s goal was just unbelievable. If you think about how close we were with Arsenal, there was nothing between us. Everyone was saying whoever wins this game will go on and win everything.

"And the bigger the game, the more relaxed Sir Alex is. There is nothing to say. Before the game you have your team-talk, you know exactly how to play against Arsenal. It’s all about how you approach it as an individual player because you know what you have to do. He creates such a great atmosphere around these games. He makes you think these are the games you really want to play in so there is no point in being nervous. He is a genius in that way."

One in a billion
"Everyone says he is a tough character and ruthless, but the truth is he is a

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