08/05/2013 11:13, Report by Gemma Thompson
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SAF's titles: part one

Glory story
: A Cantona-inspired United side proved you CAN win things with kids as the Reds stormed to another double triumph. And didn’t we love it!
Top gun: Eric Cantona, 14 league goals
Turning point: 4 March 1996. Having been 12 points behind leaders Newcastle Newcastle at one stage, the Reds cut the lead to a single point thanks to Cantona’s winner at St James’ Park on a night when Peter Schmeichel was simply unbeatable.
Party time: 5 May 1996. A last-day 3-0 victory, at a canter, away to Middlesbrough confirmed the Reds as champions for a third time in four years.
Sir Alex said: “Some pundits suggested we couldn’t win the title with kids, but they reckoned without the force of a rejuvenated Eric Cantona and the respect and admiration our ‘kids’ have for him as a footballer.”

Glory story
: A season that started with Beckham’s half-way line stunner ended with an even greater shock as King Eric bid farewell to Old Trafford after skippering the Reds to yet another title.
Top gun: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, 18 league goals
Turning point: 19 April 1997. Two Gary Pallister headers and another goal from Andy Cole thanks to some famous ‘Calamity James’ goalkeeping secured a vital win at Anfield.
Party time: 6 May 1997. 24 hours after drawing 3-3 with Middlesbrough, the Reds were confirmed as champions after Newcastle’s goalless draw at West Ham and Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat at Wimbledon.
Sir Alex said: “Eric Cantona’s contribution to the Manchester United cause can never be underestimated - I doubt that I will ever be able to spend £1,000,000 like that again!”

Glory story
: Quite simply the greatest season in United’s history as the Reds realised a Treble dream. The Championship crown was snared first thanks to a memorable last-day win in front of the Old Trafford faithful.
Top gun: Dwight Yorke, 18 league goals
Turning point: 14 April

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