Sir Alex serenade

The away fans sing "We love you Fergie" and other hits


Full-time, last time

Watch Sir Alex as the final whistle blows in his final game


Guard of honour

Both teams applaud Sir Alex onto the pitch at The Hawthorns



19/05/2013 12:56, Report by Editorial team
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Blog: Sir Alex's final game

18:11 Moments after the whistle was blown, Sir Alex made an immediate beeline for the United fans in the East Stand. Joined by his players, the boss waved and clapped before personally bowing before his adoring public. It was a touching moment and one that will live long in the memory. (MF)

18:10 Sorry for the radio silence in the last 15 minutes, West Brom's wireless internet appeared to be struggling - probably because the world's media were filing copy at the exact same time. But nevertheless, we're up and running again now. (MF)

17:55 The final whistle has been blown and, incredibly, this match has ended a draw. Even though we didn't get the win, it was an exceptionally entertaining game, full of thrills, spills and end-to-end action. West Brom 5 United 5. (MF)

17:48 This is ridiculous! Lukaku has sealed his hat-trick, converting a scruffy effort over the line with an unorthodox header to draw the Baggies level. The towering striker has since been named Man of the Match. West Brom 5 United 5. (MF)

17:46 In the midst of all that, Rio Ferdinand has been brought on for Jonny Evans and Scholes has been booked - his 97th yellow card in Premier League history. West Brom 4 United 5. (MF)

17:44 You won't believe this but the Baggies have scored again, this time through Youssouf Mulumbu. The home supporters are going absolutely crazy! Can we hang on? West Brom 4 United 5. (MF)

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