"I’m sure the club will have something up their sleeve but it’s a day when I suppose we should celebrate what he’s done for Manchester United."

- Denis Irwin

08/05/2013 10:34, Report by Adam Marshall
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Irwin: Celebrate the boss

Denis Irwin thinks today should all be about focusing on Sir Alex Ferguson's achievements rather than speculating over his successor.

The football world is reacting to the news that the manager is stepping down at the end of the season after steering the club to a 13th Barclays Premier League title.

In an exclusive interview with MUTV, former full-back Irwin indicated that he feels Sir Alex is the greatest manager of all time and was a joy to play for. “I’m sure the club will have something up their sleeve but it’s a day when I suppose we should celebrate what he’s done for Manchester United,” said Irwin.

“He keeps winning, winning and winning. It was always going to come as a shock and he’s just won us his 13th Premier League title – his record is just phenomenal. His gathering of trophies has been unbelievable.

“Without doubt, he’s the best manager that ever lived. As I have said, it was always going to come as a shock when he did retire but there always had to be a time and it’s now.”

Irwin is able to relay first-hand what it was like to play for the great man. “He was very honest to work with,” he added. “He’s the most honest manager I’ve ever worked under. There were no grey areas with him. You know what you can and can’t do on and off the football field.

”He’s very understanding as well. For all the psychologists involved nowadays, he’s the best of them all. He understands, as you need to, that football is a tough game with different personalities within that game. 

"You have to deal with that accordingly and, as a man-manager, I’ve never come across anyone better. It was a true joy to work under him.”

The Old Trafford faithful are gearing up for an emotional send-off on Sunday when the champions take on Swansea in the penultimate game of this

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