09/05/2013 08:38, Report by Nick Coppack

Chicha: Boss been a blessing

Javier Hernandez has paid tribute to Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The 71-year-old Reds boss will retire at the end of the current season following more than 26 years at the Old Trafford helm.

Striker Hernandez, who joined the club in the summer of 2010, told TV Azteca in his native Mexico that he is enormously proud to have worked under a manager many in football regard as the best ever.

“When I retire it will be satisfying to say that I was one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s boys,” he said.

“But it’s more than an anecdote for me. I see it as an achievement and a blessing. It’s a source of pride to say I was with one of the best coaches in history.

“Something that impresses me is that he never lost his competitiveness. In spite of everything he won he continues to be hungry. He’s a winner.”

Sir Alex will take charge of two more games for Manchester United: Sunday’s clash against Swansea City at Old Trafford and the Reds’ final match of the season, away at West Bromwich Albion on Sunday 19 May.

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