08/05/2013 14:33, Report by Gemma Thompson

Saying goodbye is tough

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke exclusively to MUTV following the news of Sir Alex's imminent retirement...

"I'm a bit stunned that the manager has decided that enough is enough, but I'm sure he thought long and hard about it and it's the right decision for him.

"The 14 and a half years I spent with the boss [as a player and coach] were the greatest of my career. I learnt from the best. He was a father figure for all of us - it's amazing how many players he has brought through the system. He has been an inspiration to everyone.

"That last moment with the fans at Old Trafford is a great feeling but also a sad one. There aren't many times where I have been moved to tears but that day [Ole's testimonial in 2008] was one of those days. And you never know it might be on Sunday [against Swansea] that it hits the gaffer that it will be the last time he leads the team out at Old Trafford. I'm sure it will be emotional for him.

"Everything I do now as a manager is through the experience I gained from working with the boss. Before, during and after games... I always think back to what he did and what he said to us. He was the best manager you could have, an unbelievable man to inspire and motivate you. The very, very best. I'll never forget the loyalty he showed me."

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