"He's going to come in with new ideas, new rules and a new regime. No matter how long we've been here, the likes of Giggsy and myself have been here for many years, we'll be in the same boat instead as people like Danny Welbeck, Phil Jones and Tom Cleverley."

16/05/2013 09:39, Report by Adam Marshall
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Ferdinand thanks Sir Alex

bus during the parade and savouring every moment of the latest league triumph.

"I think the fans see us after the games and before the games doing interviews around the training ground and Old Trafford and we're quite serious and straight," he stated. "It's because we're all professional and all directed towards winning and don't want to get out of our comfort zone really. We just get the interviews done and carry on.

"But it's the end of the season, we've won the league so we can let our hair down, get the party started and we've had a good two weeks. We've had a good few nights out, that are well deserved, and the manager has been great in that sense because he's let us enjoy it. 

"I think the first title I enjoyed unbelievably. When I see now the pictures from that night that we won it, I was going bananas on the pitch! When I think about in between, I don't know if I went as crazy as you take it for granted almost. I'm towards the end of my career, I've maybe got a couple of years left and you start really thinking I've got to take it in. I think I took it in this time."

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