"It’s not the end of Manchester United as far as winning titles is concerned. This club will win titles and win trophies."

- Sir Alex Ferguson

19/05/2013 08:40, Report by Adam Marshall
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Boss: Reds will march on

Sir Alex Ferguson is convinced that Manchester United can still continue winning trophies and titles in his absence.

The manager steps down after more than 26 years in charge following Sunday's final Barclays Premier League match of the season at West Brom with David Moyes moving from Everton to take over the reins.

There is every likelihood that many outside of Old Trafford will be hoping the Reds suffer a fall from grace similar to the one that followed Sir Matt Busby's initial retirement in 1969.

However, when asked if cracks will start to appear in the empire, Sir Alex replied: "No. I think if you go back to Busby's day, Sir Matt was probably in the same situation as I find myself today. But he created Manchester United.

"That was the origins of what we are today. He had the vision to take the club into Europe and rebuilt a team in 10 years based mainly around young players to win the European Cup.

"I'm in the same situation as him - the past is the past and will always be there. It’s a good record and the future now lies with a new manager who will get all the support from us and hopefully we’ll continue to be successful. It’s not the end of Manchester United as far as winning titles is concerned. The club will win titles and win trophies."

Sir Alex, of course, is being retained on the board and will also become an ambassador of the club with everybody associated with United hoping he is still a regular visitor to Old Trafford and Carrington.

"The ambassadorial role is 20 days a year so it’s fine," he revealed. "No problem. 

"It will be defined by the club. There are a lot of sponsors and a lot of important people in the club. That will be my role. 

"Whatever they want me to do in those 20 days will be fine.

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