12/05/2013 19:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Video: Sir Alex interview

“I was grasping at things I could possibly say. I spoke to my son Jason this morning and he said, ‘Dad, just go with the flow. Just start talking and you will get there’. I babbled on a little bit I suppose, but I got there. It was emotional. During the week was emotional for me because, with my staff, it was hard. We got through it.

“These players have produced that for me and the club and you should forget all that nonsense about this not being a good United team. The team showed fantastic consistency and won all the important games. They’re a fantastic bunch of boys.”

That crop of players will, from next season, come under the stewardship of incoming manager David Moyes. Asked if United have got the right man, Sir Alex said: “Of course we have. We thought hard about this. He has integrity, he has a worth ethic and he’s Scottish! We have a great history of Scottish managers here with Matt Busby, and then myself. Hopefully David [Moyes] gets the same support, and he will get the same support as I’ve had here. That’s our job now.”

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