13/08/2014 09:55, Report by Graeme Horton

Facts about Flares

Manchester United, along with the Premier League and other clubs would like to raise awareness of the hazard and dangers presented by bringing flares and smoke bombs to football matches.

Possession and the use of pyrotechnics can have serious repercussions including supporters being prosecuted  and facing banning orders.

Manchester United would like to remind our fans that it is illegal to enter a football ground with any form of pyrotechnic. As well as having the potential to cause severe burns they can also be dangerous to those with asthma and of course carry a severe fire risk. They are not designed for use in confined spaces.

The Premier League campaign can be found online www.facepyrofacts.co.uk.

More information on the dangers of flares can be downloaded here.

More information on what can and what cannot be brought to Old Trafford can be found online along with the ground regulations.


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