27/07/2011 11:00, Report by Adam Marshall
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Gill: Tour a real success

United chief executive David Gill conducted an exclusive interview with MUTV's Stewart Gardner in New Jersey to discuss the US tour.

The Reds have made a success of the trip across the Atlantic and everything has gone to plan for the club.

How do you reflect on the tour, on and off the field?
I think it's gone very well on both sides of the equation. The actual on-the-field performances have been very good, we've still got two big games coming up against MLS All-Stars and the Barcelona final game so that's been very good. Off the field, it's been fantastic, we've seen great crowds milling around the hotel and not just in the stadiums this year. The commercial aspects of the tour have gone very well and speaking to Sir Alex and Mike Phelan and they are very pleased so therefore we're very happy with it.

Have you noticed a change, a bump in the level of interest in United?
There seems to be. Just wandering around Seattle on the day of the game, you could see a lot of fans both in Sounders shirts but also in United shirts. As you quite rightly say, Stewart, that's a first outside the hotel waiting for the players to come back from training and leaving for the game etc. We're getting that interest and it's a notable change even from last year. It demonstrates what we're doing in America, but also how football is developing itself.

How important is the marketplace to United?
You are right, there's lots of sponsors. We have got DHL as the tour sponsor, AON at their HQ out of Chicago, Nike, so involving them has been very good and I think what we have managed to do is to have certain times for commercial programmes, divided up the players and made sure that the sponsors get what they need but also the players and management get what they need in terms of preperation for the season so that's worked very well. But it's a very big market, we went down to Portland and Nike put on an excellent visit for us down there with open training

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