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17/07/2011 21:48 , N Coppack, G Thompson, A Bostock
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Tour webchat: Michael Carrick

United and England midfielder Michael Carrick conducted a live Tour 2011 webchat from Seattle, USA, on Sunday 17 July at 13:30 PDT (21:30 UK). His answers to fans' questions are below, with the last entry appearing first.

The webchat finished at 14:22 local time PDT (22:22 UK). Michael said, "Thanks for taking the time out to follow the webchat and send in questions. Sorry I couldn't answer them all. It's been an absolute pleasure for me, there were some belting questions in there."

Michael decided the best question was 'When was the last time you asked somebody else for an autograph?' The fan who asked it, Nirmessh Balan from Malaysia, will receive a new United away shirt personally signed to him by the midfielder. Congratulations Nirmessh!

What's the best thing about being a Manchester United player?
Leon Shaw, UK

Knowing you're playing for the biggest club in the world and touching people all over the world. In some ways that's the scariest thing. I just set out to play football because I enjoyed it. Then you find yourself at a club like this and you travel around the world and people recognise you and react to you. That's when it hits home just how much has been achieved at the club both by us and by those before us. It's crazy how many people love Manchester United - many are so far away but they're with you all the way too. Actually being on the pitch and winning trophies at Old Trafford is brilliant as well. The buzz for those few minutes - the adrenaline that goes with it - is something you can't repeat anywhere else.

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