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19/07/2011 22:46 , N Coppack, G Thompson, A Bostock
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Tour webchat: Rio Ferdinand

United defender Rio Ferdinand conducted a live Tour 2011 webchat from Seattle, USA, on Tuesday 19 July. Fans' questions and his answers are published below, with the last entry appearing first.

The webchat started at 13:33 and ended at 14:12 local time. Rio said afterwards, "Thanks for sending in all the questions. I really enjoyed it and I hope to do it again at some point."

Rio decided the best question was 'Which athlete, past or present, has been your biggest inspiration, and why?' This was submitted by Canada-based fan Iain Watson, who wins a new away shirt signed by Rio himself. Congratulations Iain!

The final question... If there is one word to describe your career so far, what is it?
Helen Tyler, Redditch, UK

Successful and eventful. That's more than word, I know! But that's how I feel.

Have you watched the likes of Pogba, Morrison, Tunnicliffe in the youth team and do you rate them as highly as everyone seems too?
Connor Harrison, United Kingdom

I get asked this loads but I don't want to say too much or heap too much pressure on them. They've all got bright futures, as well as Will Keane and his brother Michael. But they need to reach the next level and play as many Reserves games as possible this term. It's okay playing well in the youth team, but it's a long process to get to the first team. What is true is that United have a great crop of youngsters.

Who's your favourite tweeter on Twitter?
Kevin Coughlan, Co Kerry, Ireland

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