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26/07/2011 22:43 , N Coppack, G Thompson, A Bostock
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Tour webchat: Tom Cleverley

United midfielder Tom Cleverley conducted a live Tour 2011 webchat from New Jersey, USA, on Tuesday 26 July. It started at 16:30 local time (21:30 UK) and ended at 17:18 (22:18 UK).

Fans' questions and his answers are published below, with the last entry appearing first.

Tom decided the best question was 'Who has been your toughest opponent so far in your career?' The fan who submitted it, Tom Chambers in Manchester, will win a shirt signed the midfielder himself. Congratulations Mr Chambers - and thanks to everyone who posted a question.

Last question - who will be our biggest challengers this year?
Sam Gibson, Addlestone, UK

There are challenges coming from everywhere. Liverpool have got stronger, City have got stronger... it's just a case of whether or not they can nail down consistency. But Chelsea know how to win leagues and have a new and exciting manager - I think they'll be our biggest rivals.

Have you thought of your favourite actress yet? (continued from below)

I like Cameron Diaz. She's got a bit of everything - she can play a lot of roles. Plus, she's funny and good looking!

Would you rather win the World Cup with England or the Treble with Manchester United?
Isaac Osei Affainie, UK

I'd say the Treble. Definitely. But it's a tough question, the other day I got asked World Cup or Champions League and I went for the World Cup

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