08/01/2013 09:00, Report by Gemma Thompson

Yorke recalls tour mania

Dwight Yorke says the reception United receive on tour is akin to that afforded to famous music and movie stars.

The former striker experienced pre-season tours to Asia and Australia during his time as a Red and he insists the welcome the club received in both countries was quite incredible.

"Asia in particular is just amazing," he told "You talk about rock star treatment, well, that’s exactly what we get when we arrive; there are even fans waiting on the tarmac at the airport. Seeing the amount of people there to greet us and their pure excitement is just amazing. Not only do the supporters come to watch the games, we get 25,000 people watching us train and a few thousand waiting outside the hotel. The fans there don't get to see the team very often so it's always a big deal when we go over."

Yorke was in Sydney last month representing the club for the announcement of United's one and only tour match in Australia this summer against the A-League All Stars. More exciting international destinations will be announced in due course as part of Tour 2013, presented by Aon. Yorke, who spent a year at Sydney FC, is confident United's visit to Oz in July will be a memorable experience for the players.

"I’m sure they will have a great time," he said. "I went with the club in '99 and the reception we got was fantastic. We were very well looked after and in terms of training and hotel facilities it’s all there in abundance. Sydney is a real sporting destination. The people are really fanatical about their sport and the excitement of United coming back to the city to play the All Stars and spend six days there was evident when I was there for the announcement. You only needed to see how fast the tickets sold out to see that as well – it just goes to show how passionate they are about United and football."