12/07/2013 03:33, Report by Adam Marshall
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Tour excites Büttner

Alexander Büttner discusses United's pre-season preparations as the players continue Tour 2013 presented by Aon...

How exciting is it to be involved in this year's pre-season trip?
It's great. It’s good for team spirit to go on tour and it’s my first time. I’ve not been to Asia or Australia before it's a good experience to be involved. It will be a long trip, but it will be great.

Were you aware of how popular United are in Asia?
I had heard how big the club is. It’s great, of course, that everybody all over the world knows the club and the players. It's my first time to Asia and it's good to see and experience our support first-hand.

Did you have pre-season tours at your last club Vitesse Arnhem?
Yes, but we did not go far, only to Spain and Turkey and they were more like training camps rather than tours. I’ve never travelled this far so it will be a new experience and it’s something I’m looking forward to.

Is sharpening your fitness the main aim of pre-season?
Of course. You have to stay fit and try to play as well as you can in all the games. It’s always good to test yourself against new teams and I’m looking forward to all the matches on tour.

As a player, do you enjoy playing pre-season matches more than the training?
It's always good to play matches and every game is important for me, including the friendly games. I have been here for almost a year now and I have learnt a lot, and I can learn a lot particularly from Patrice [Evra]. Any game I can play is good for me.

How beneficial is it when you come up against different types of teams?
It’s always good to play against different

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