13/07/2013 16:49, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Reds visit excites Oz

event we have planned will be on the Opera House steps at 2pm on the afternoon of the game – anyone is welcome to come and join us. We also have a night with one of the United legends for our members which everyone is looking forward to.

Tell us a bit more about the branch, including how often you get together and how often you get over to Old Trafford?
We meet up once a month for general meetings, have an annual Christmas BBQ and we also meet up to watch games together, which is usually in the middle of the night here! I come over to Manchester, usually twice a year to watch games at Old Trafford.

Finally, are you confident of having another title to celebrate next May?
Most definitely. We’ll be a stronger team this season for our achievement last term and I’m very confident we’ll be celebrating title no.21 at the end of the campaign.

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