13/07/2013 16:49, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Reds visit excites Oz

quickly as I would like to see it grow, the grass-roots level is not quite there yet. It remains a very popular sport though.

How many of your supporters' club members will be coming along to the game and have you got any special events planned around the team's visit?
I was able to get over 200 match tickets for our members from the club which is fantastic. One big event we have planned will be on the Opera House steps at 2pm on the afternoon of the game – anyone is welcome to come and join us. We also have a night with one of the United legends for our members which everyone is looking forward to.

Tell us a bit more about the branch, including how often you get together and how often you get over to Old Trafford?
We meet up once a month for general meetings, have an annual Christmas BBQ and we also meet up to watch games together, which is usually in the middle of the night here! I come over to Manchester, usually twice a year to watch games at Old Trafford.

Finally, are you confident of having another title to celebrate next May?
Most definitely. We’ll be a stronger team this season for our achievement last term and I’m very confident we’ll be celebrating title no.21 at the end of the campaign.

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