24/07/2013 06:11, Report by Nick Coppack in Osaka
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Smalling: Aims remain the same

little bit.

That said, there were people at the airport who had shirts with 'Büttner 28' and 'Januzaj 44' on them. There's definitely an appreciation of Manchester United and not just Shinji Kagawa...
Definitely. You don't realise that until you arrive here. You think everybody's just Shinji  crazy, but they definitely have a keen eye for the game of football and they're big fans of the club as a whole.

What sort of an impact do you think Shinji can have this season?
I think he'll get stronger and stronger. Last season he did very well and contributed significantly. It's always difficult in your first season and for Shinji, who didn't speak much English, it must have been even tougher. I think we'll see big things from him this season now that he's more settled and he's integrated more. I think he could be stronger than ever.

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