19/07/2013 09:05, Report by B Hibbs & N Coppack

New goals set for Welbeck

David Moyes instantly recognised Danny Welbeck's talent and potential when he first started working with him, but he has been talking to the Manchester-born forward about increasing his strike-rate.

Welbeck scored 12 goals in 39 appearances in 2012/13, his first full season in the first-team, but last term in 40 matches for the Reds he found the net on only two occasions. It's important to note that, positionally, Welbeck's role in those two campaigns differed hugely; his 12 goals came when often used right up front, whereas last season he was used across the front four positions - to great effect to the team.

Nevertheless, goals are the gold dust Welbeck is chasing to complete his already impressive all-round game, and Moyes took the 22-year-old aside recently to impress on him that effort and application will yield the best results.

"When I arrived I was told how important Danny had been and how important he will be," Moyes told reporters at a press conference in Sydney. "We're giving him an opportunity now and he has the chance to get games. We're hoping his goals come as well. He had a couple of chances [against Singha All Star XI]. It would be worse if he wasn't getting chances. Hopefully he'll start taking a few of those opportunities and that will give him the confidence he needs to go on a run and score plenty of goals.

"I think he's aware himself that there's an issue there. I spoke to him quite a bit yesterday and I told him the harder you work you tend to find the more luck comes your way. If he continues the practise and tries to improve his finishing, he'll feel confident in taking the chances coming to him."

Welbeck shows willing to work on his game in training and Moyes has been impressed with the England international's attitude. "His work has never been in question," he added. "I've told him that I'm sure it will change for him if he keeps doing the right things."

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