08/07/2013 10:06, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Evans' tour highlights

Jonny Evans looks back on previous pre-season trips as he prepares to head out on Tour 2013 presented by Aon...

-Most memorable tour
I really enjoyed the 2010 Tour when we went to America. My brother [Corry] was on it with me – it was great to have him there. Staying in Philadelphia and visiting New York was particularly enjoyable. The whole tour was a great experience.

-Favourite city visited
It’s hard to beat New York, but I really enjoyed Chicago. It was one of the nicest cities I’ve ever been to.

-Stand-out tour game
I always remember a game we played in Kansas City when they put on a real show for us with fighter jets going over the stadium before kick-off. It ended up being a really tough game and it was certainly very hot – I remember that part!

-Most memorable reception from fans
Whenever we go to Korea it’s incredible. I remember we were playing a game there and Ji [-sung Park] was sat on the bench and every time the camera went on him the noise inside the stadium was just unbelievable. He’s such a hero to fans over there.

-Favourite sight-seeing trip
Probably when we went to the White House [in 2011], that was a good experience, as was going to Harvard University.

-Funniest moment on tour
It has to be when Fabio and Rafael tried to play golf [in 2011] - they nearly took each other out with some of their shots!

-Best facilities

-Toughest thing about tours
The training!

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