27/07/2013 20:00, Report by Nick Coppack in Hong Kong
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Wilf has tools to be top

he’s excited to see what sort of player the 20-year-old matures into.

“I don’t like to say too much too early, but I think he’s a fantastic talent," added the defender.

“He’s a raw talent with great individual skills who can only get better. The early signs are he’s a hard worker who wants to improve and be a top footballer. With those attributes and hopefully that desire and influence from the players at this club means we’ll hopefully have a top player on our hands.

“The advice I’d give him is simply to get his head down and work hard. It’s as simple as that. It’s not rocket science. He needs to keep working on all aspects of his game, learn from others around him and keep on improving.”

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High praise

"I don’t like to say too much too early, but I think Wilfried's a fantastic talent. Obviously he’s a winger, but he seems to have a hunger to get inside and cause trouble in the opponents’ box and that’s a good thing to have.”

– Rio Ferdinand