01/07/2013 13:00, Report by G Thompson, A Marshall

Cleverley hails spirit

Tom Cleverley has hailed United's team spirit ahead of the flight to Thailand to kick off the 2013 Tour promoted by Aon.

The midfielder missed England's recent internationals against Republic of Ireland and Brazil due to injury but is expected to be fit to make the plane for the start of the pre-season campaign. 

When asked by whether the trip will be a good bonding exercise, he replied: "Yeah, it's brilliant. We have a great team spirit in the squad and I’d be surprised if there is a club with a better team spirit than ours. Everyone gets on and I think the tours can only help that."

Cleverley has promoted his claims during previous summers and is aware that all the players will be out to impress new manager David Moyes.

"I’ve managed to score a few goals on tour," he stated. "It shows the manager what you can do and the fans also get to know your name. Most of all, being away with the squad helps you become comfortable around the first-team lads. For a few weeks, you change from being a reserve-team player to a first-teamer and you feel more comfortable. As a young player it can really help your development."

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Cleverley stats

2012/2013 appearances and goals:

Barclays Premier League:
18 (4) / 2

FA Cup:
4 / 1

Capital One Cup:
1 / 1

Champions League:
5 / 0

28 (4) / 4

Manchester United will be visiting fans across the world during Tour 2013, presented by Aon.
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