23/07/2013 13:51, Report by James Tuck in Yokohama

Video: Adnan and Alex

Manchester United’s Dutch left-back Alex Büttner and young Belgian forward Adnan Januzaj recently talked to us about the firm friendship they have formed.

The duo have spent much time together on Tour 2013 presented by Aon and, in between training sessions, have frequently been seen (and heard) taking each other on at table tennis in the players’ hotel recreation room.

"I knew Adnan before [he joined United] because he’s from Belgium and speaks Dutch like me," Alex says. "We’re close friends and he’s a good guy.

"We’re together most of the time at the training ground and, being away for three weeks on tour, we’re spending a lot of time together as we see each other every day."

On their ping-pong rivalry, Adnan adds: "It’s very competitive between us. Sometimes he’s better, sometimes I am – it depends on the day. We have to have some fun outside training, to relax and enjoy ourselves."

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