30/06/2013 10:18, Report by Gemma Thompson

The rock star experience

Patrice Evra says life on tour with the Reds is akin to being a rock star.

The French defender talks about the experience of travelling across the world with United in our video above and answers our quick-fire tour questions.

-Most memorable tour
I’d say my first one in South Africa. It was just such a surprise for me. I wasn't used to going on tours like that.

-Favourite city visited
I loved going to New York - we were only there for a couple of days but I had a chance to see my good friend Thierry Henry and he showed me some good restaurants. Chicago was really nice as well.

-Stand-out tour game
There was one match in Korea which we won 3-0 and I scored a goal and I got such a good reception from the fans because I'm a friend of Ji-sung Park’s.

-Favourite sight-seeing trip
I remember in South Africa we went on safari and saw a white lion. He was so big. I'd never seen a lion that big in my life!

-Toughest thing about tours
You are far from your family and children, and there's a lot of travelling, but it's not so tough.

-Ideal room-mate
No-one now Ji is gone! I know a lot of people want to share with me because I'm a good DJ and I can put some good music on, but I'm selfish, it's Ji or nobody!