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25/01/2010 19:09


David Gill

The Manchester United Football Club director particularly enjoys the evening buzz at OT...

We've had some wonderful moments at Old Trafford over the years.

I'll always remember the first European game in my time here. I joined the club in February 1997 and in March we beat Porto 4-0 (in the Champions League quarter-final). They'd gone through their group stage unbeaten but we thrashed them.

I really enjoy Champions League nights here. I think what sets them apart is people coming here after a day at work, perhaps after a visit to the pub so they have a drink or two inside them. It’s also great to play against teams and players who you don’t regularly see in the Premier League.

Sitting in my corner office, I can hear the atmosphere building up on those cold, dark nights as the sellers out there get rid of their scarves, hats, pin badges and so on. I get nervous - some games are a bit more stressful than others, especially after Christmas when every game seems to grow in importance as your season takes shape.

Whatever the occasion, it's always wonderful to see the stadium full, and fans waiting to get a glimpse of their heroes outside the players' entrance. Fans are the strength of this club - they stick with us through thick and thin and really set us apart.


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