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15/01/2010 14:14


David May on FC Porto 1997

The former United defender recalls his favourite match at Old Trafford...

I believe the fans at Old Trafford create an atmosphere on European nights that’s incredible to play in. They're like the twelfth man, they really spur you on.

One of the best atmospheres I’ve played in was at the Champions League quarter-final in 1997 against Porto. It was great just to walk out there, with the music blaring out of the PA, and smoke billowing from a flare that someone had thrown.

Both teams went for it right from the off and I scored the first goal of the night. Becks (David Beckham) whipped it in and I was just about to head home when Pally (Gary Pallister) flew over the top of me and headed it against the keeper. By that time I was on the floor. It came back to me and I volleyed it into the roof of the net. It was a great feeling.

Eric (Cantona) scored just before half time, and then Giggsy (Ryan Giggs) and Coley (Andy Cole) made it 4-0. It was a great occasion and we played some breathtaking stuff.

After a game like that it’s hard to come down, with the noise of the crowd still buzzing in your ears and your adrenaline still high. When I got home, I watched it on video - and I've since watched it time and again!

It was a job well done and a great night, one of those nights you don't want to end.


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