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15/01/2010 12:30


Norman Whiteside on Barcelona 1984

Norman Whiteside remembers the night the Reds overturned a 2-0 deficit to rout the mighty Barcelona...

The best part about the Barcelona game for me was the atmosphere. We were 2-0 down after the first leg so we really had to pull out all the stops.

Saying the crowd was like having an extra player is a bit of an old cliché, but goose pimples stood on the back of your neck and it really was like that. The fans really got something out of us that night and egged us on that little bit more.

We had a fantastic night. Robbo [Bryan Robson] scored a couple and I set up Frank Stapleton for the third. I remember Bryan Robson being hoisted up on the shoulders of the supporters after the final whistle. You wouldn’t see that now but that is what happened then because Robson was a true hero.

You have to be able to handle pressure when you play for a big club. It's not just the media pressure, it's the crowd and the supporters, the expectations that they have at Old Trafford. Unfortunately we didn’t win many trophies while I was there – only a couple of FA Cups – but certainly since Fergie’s reign, with all the trophies he has won, the crowd really expect that every year.

That is the pressure players have to cope with and I think if you can do that at Old Trafford you can do it anywhere.


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