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25/01/2010 17:14


Pat Crerand

United legend and MUTV pundit Paddy Crerand talks about his favourite football ground...

My old team-mate Bobby Charlton was the one who called Old Trafford the Theatre of Dreams - what a great name for it.

It's a stadium made for great players. If you want to come and show your wares, then Old Trafford is the place to play.

Many years ago, Gordon McQueen came out with a great line - "98 per cent of players want to play for Manchester United and the other two per cent are liars."

I don't mean any disrespect to other teams but United are better known worldwide than any other club. Liverpool would be close, given their history, but United are number one. Not just for the players but for the fans as well.

Fans come to football matches and dream about their team doing well and winning trophies, and they want to see great players. That's all happened here at Old Trafford and it's still happening here at this moment in time.


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