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25/01/2010 19:28


Rio Ferdinand

The Reds defender talks about his OT experiences - past, present and future!

I came to Old Trafford a few times with West Ham which obviously weren't great experiences (we lost!), but still I gained a sense of how big it is and what the United fans are like.

I can remember the coach journey to my first game here as an 18 year-old, getting my first glimpse of the stadium and thinking, 'Whoah, this is real, big-time football.'

It's hard to put into words how I felt when I came to sign for United. But I was like a kid, I just wanted to get in the changing rooms and try on my new kit.

What makes it a special place to play is the history, all the great players who've been here before - the Laws, Bests, Charltons... the list goes on and on. To be part of that and to have your name on the wall of somewhere that carries such great traditions is phenomenal. It's a privilege just to pull on the shirt and play here.

When I've retired from football, I'll definitely bring my kids to Old Trafford. My little boy's a United supporter already, I'm just working on the younger one now - he doesn't understand football yet but I'll nudge him in the right direction! I can see it being a part of our future, coming up the motorway or on the train to see a game together.


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