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20/01/2010 17:11


David Meek

Football journalist David Meek has witnessed OT's growth at first hand since 1958...

When the stadium was first built the original plan was to have a 100,000 capacity. For me it’s at its ideal size now, I personally wouldn’t like to see it any bigger.

I think United would have to think very carefully about further expansion because at the moment it’s a privilege to attend the games because they are in such high demand. If they increased the capacity to 100,000, then seats would be more attainable and that might detract from the special feeling that fans have today when they get hold of a ticket.

Football needs passion and people to get behind the team. When it’s a big game, the place is really jumping.

What makes the club special to me as a journalist is that it’s so innovative, always introducing something different. It’s not just what happens on the pitch - United were the first club to have a museum and private boxes, an official magazine and TV channel.

There has always been something for me to write about. I’ve covered United for more than 50 years and every year there is something original to write about. The club intrigues me and it’s just as exciting reporting on the Reds now as it was when I started in 1958.


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