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13/01/2010 20:52
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Keenon Daniels on Burnley 2010

A South African supporter recalls his first visit to OT...

The dream of visiting OT started blooming when I was 8 years old. I first became a United fan on an evening in May 1993 when we beat Blackburn 3-1 and celebrated our first league title since the 1960's. Ever since then, I've been an ardent follower of the greatest football club in the world... all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.

Every time I'd watch United play at OT on TV, I'd imagine what it'd be like to sit among the faithful. It all looked so magical and at the same time, my being from a working class family from the foot of Africa, it seemed so very distant! The dream of being at OT would remain so until I was 25 and earning my own money, so I planned this amazing holiday with my girlfriend. As I booked my ticket to Sweden (where she is), I thought to myself, hang on, Sweden and England aren't that far from each other. So for a year I saved so that I could fit OT into our budget.

I didn't believe I was going to OT until I got the match tickets in my hand. The match was on 16 January 2010 against Burnley. We were told to take the tram from Piccadilly Garden to Exchange Quay which we did. We got off and walked with the other fans, crossed the highway and over the bridge. When we turned the corner into Sir Matt Busby Way and saw the 'Manchester United' sign on the roof, my heart dropped into my socks! I was finally there. I was at OT and I couldn't believe it.

After taking like a million snaps we went through the gates and got to our seats, which were in the East Stand, row 6, seats 69 and 70. I made a video clip for my dad who got me watching English football in the first place. It was all so awesome.

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