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13/01/2010 20:52
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Keenon Daniels on Burnley 2010

The only thing better than realising you're at OT, is when Utd score at OT. The roof erupts! When Berba scored in the 2nd half, the noise which followed gave me the most exhilarating feeling I've ever experienced. Even my non-football watching girlfriend was enjoying herself. Then Rooney scored before debut-boy Diouf scored the third and we were in raptures. The fans are amazing and come up with the catchiest songs. Everything was perfect and better than I ever thought it would be.

Anyway, we did the must-do things like the Megastore and the stadium tour the next day. To sit in the technical area and the players' dressing rooms was unbelievable. OT is just such a special place. But as with all good things, my OT experience had to come to an end. And as we walked back to the tram stop, I turned my head one last time and looked at the The Theatre of Dreams, smiled, dropped my eyes and said, 'Thank you for the memory.' I will go back.

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