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13/01/2010 21:15
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Mick Groom on Millwall 1974

just passed the time away until we joined the queue, along with the other Reds. Then the gates opened, and we were in. We climbed the steps, and we were there, on the famous Stretford End. We went straight behind the goal and stood in front of a barrier, and just looked about, chatting and waiting for the game to start.

The noise was fantastic, and it felt fantastic to actually be there, and soon the game had begun. The match itself is a blur, but I can remember the roar each time we scored, and just ducking under the barrier as it seemed that everyone was going to end up in the front section; it was scary and exciting at the same time.

We won the game 4-0, with a hat-trick from Gerry Daly and one from Stuart "Pancho" Pearson. At the end of the game, Tony decided he didn't want to hitch-hike home, and said he would ring his parents, and get them to pick us up. We only lived 220-odd miles away!

After making our way back to Manchester Piccadilly, Tony rang his mum, and as they had been having kittens worrying where he was (my parents were the same), his dad agreed to drive up and collect us. When his parents arrived, they gave us a roasting of the first degree, and then some much needed drinks and sandwiches.

I was woken up outside my house to be met by my mum and dad, who just shook there heads and in I went. Over the next year or so, the hitch-hiking continued, but this time our parents knew.

I've been following United since then, although nowadays I either drive up or go on the local supporters club's coach!

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