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13/01/2010 08:14


Patrick Kelly on Tottenham 1967

Belfast-based supporter Patrick recalls his OT debut...

My everlasting memory was on my first visit to Old Trafford as a fourteen year-old. The year was 1967 and the match was the Charity Shield against Tottenham Hotspur.

My friend and I had saved our pocket money and did odd jobs to pay for the trip of a lifetime. I still don't how we managed to convince our parents to let us make the journey from Belfast via Heysham.

On arriving at the ground on the Saturday morning we got lots of autographs from the players and  Sir Matt Busby.

I can still see (Spurs goalkeeper) Pat Jennings kick the ball from the Stretford End 18-yard box and Alex Stepney missing the bounce with the ball rolling into the net. There was a moment of silence before the referee gave the goal.

The match finished 3-3 with two goals from Denis Law and one from Bobby Charlton (my favourite player). I've made the journey many times since then but my first ever visit is my most memorable one.


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