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13/01/2010 08:27
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Raphael Levy on Man City 2009

Raphael first solo trip from Hertfordshire to OT was well, well worth it...

After getting lucky with a season ticket invitation letter a couple of weeks before my 15th birthday, my dad agreed that I was responsible enough to make my way up from London to Manchester on a regular basis. I had only ever previously sat in the North Stand and we had never lost or conceded but this time I had a South Stand ticket.

Needless to say after another North Stand victory against Arsenal, I was very nervous for my first game, not only on my own but also sitting in an unfamiliar stand against City. Fortunately, I disposed of my Tevez shirt from last season, purchasing a Rooney shirt online - a very wise move in my opinion considering the chorus of boos that rang out when Tevez's name was announced.

What a brilliant start to my first game... 1-0 nil up against City within two minutes! The first half only served up a City equaliser and Tevez hitting the post, so I assumed it would be safe to queue up for some wine gums at half time. Not a great idea, as when I got back to my seat in the second half, the score was 2-2 and I wondered if I had missed all the action. Luckily Fletch answered my prayers after 80 minutes (3-2) and I thought that was that.

At 90 minutes the score was level again (3-3) - reluctantly I forced myself up and headed for the exits as I didn't want to miss my train. But then the woman who sits behind me shouted "GO ON" and I turned to see Owen put it in the net at the Stretford End. I didn't think we could have cheered louder then after our third goal but as I said to my dad when I got back, "If you could add up the cheers from the first three goals and double them, you might get close to how I was feeling when Owen

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